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Mercedes SL 1971-1989 Car Hood Soft Top Cover Half Cover Standard Protection

Mercedes SL 1971-1989 Car Hood Soft Top Cover Half Cover Standard Protection

Mercedes SL 1971-1989 Car Hood Soft Top Cover Half Cover Standard Protection

Visit ShopAbout UsFeedbackContact Mercedes SL R107Standard Cabrio Shield® Soft Top ProtectionFor Mercedes SL R107 Convertibles 1971-1989This is a Standard Cabrio Shield® intended for short term on/off protection (such as overnight). It is made from a non-breathable, non-colourfast fabric.A Premium Cabrio Shield® is also available and is intended for long term protection in all climatic conditions. The Premium Cabrio Shield® is made from a breathable, colourfast fabric that is backed by a 5 year warranty.Please visit our shop for more details.24 Hour Despatch The Cabrio Shield® ExplainedIt's not just a simple cover Q: What is the Cabrio Shield®?A: It is a tailored solution to soft top protection.Q: So it's a cover?A: We believe it is much more than a cover. Our design team was tasked with developing a protection system for soft tops. The brief was to provide a soft top with protection from all aspects of weather, sun damage and any other contaminants that usually stain or damage the soft top when the car is parked.Q: So, the Cabrio Shield® is better than the cheaper covers out there?A: Yes but the Cabrio Shield® is more than just a simple cover. The design is unique (and often badly copied by others) and the fit is carefully tailored to each car. Much thought has gone into ensuring the Cabrio Shield® is easy to use, secure and won't damage your car's paint.Q: So, what's the difference?A: The design is carefully thought out. The attachment system incorporates flanges that close inside the door gaps. The rear is attached under the boot lid. The Cabrio Shield® has been carefully designed with the minimum of contact with the car's paintwork. Such contact areas are lined with a soft, microfibre cloth and soft touch magnetic rubber strips are concealed behind the microfibre (where applicable). This has the added benefit of helping to prevent the edges buffeting against the car. The Cabrio Shield® is tailored to the soft top with a degree of accuracy that ensures it cannot billow in the wind.Q: What is it made from?A: The Cabrio Shield® is made from Cabriotex® Twillshield® fabric. Twillshield® is a vinyl backed polyester that is 100% waterproof and resembles the twill weave of modern fabric soft tops. The Cabrio Shield® will enhance the look of your car, when compared to many of the cheap covers out there.Q: Is it secure?A: The Cabrio Shield® is 100% secure. It cannot be removed without opening the doors and boot lid. It cannot blow off in a storm and it provides enhanced security for your car's interior contents, whilst protecting the soft top at the same time.Q: Will the Cabrio Shield® prolong the life of my soft top?A: With regular use the Cabrio Shield will dramatically increase the life span of your soft top. Damage to soft tops primarily comes from exposure to the elements, such as sunlight. Regular use of the Cabrio Shield® will protect plastic windows from frost and sun damage, significantly reduce the natural colour fading of soft top fabric and the natural degradation of plastic windows. An added benefit includes protecting the interior trim from sun light damage. Make A More Informed ChoiceSecure Concealed Attachment System The Cabrio Shield® is easy to fit and securely fastens behind the doors and under the boot lid using the Cabrio Shield® concealed attachment system.The concealed attachment system not only removes the need for external straps often used to attach car covers but it also secures the Cabrio Shield® from wind and theft. Microfibre Protected Edges The Cabrio Shield® has been engineered to provide a refined soft top protection solution that is more than just a cover. It has been thoughtfully designed to minimise contact with the car paintwork. Areas that are in contact with the paintwork are finished with a soft microfibre cloth that provides a protective surface against the paintwork of the car.For cars with steel panels: The Cabrio Shield will also include soft magnets underneath the microfibre cloth to provide increased protection against wind buffeting. Lightweight Twillshield® Fabric Please specify colour choice when ordering or by separate email.Twillshield® fabric is a superior alternative to many car cover materials. The fabric is a vinyl backed polyester that features a twill weave similar to modern day soft tops.Twillshield® fabric offers lightweight durability and is 100% waterproof. Precision Made For A Precise Fit™ Digital patterns accurate to +-0.01mm are created by our experienced OEM designers and are seamlessly integrated into our modern manufacturing processes to ensure your new Cabrio Shield® is a guaranteed precise fit. Buy With Confidence Prestige Autotrim have been dedicated to engineering and manufacturing premium quality car hoods and interior trim for the British and European motor industry for over 35 years. The company was established in 1980 by a Classic British sports car enthusiast in order to provide premium quality car hoods and interior trim in a market dominated by poorly made offerings. Our experienced, dedicated staff have pushed the company forward to help us establish a worldwide reputation for innovation and excellence to the benefit of British car manufacturers and aftermarket customers alike. Every product is developed in the Prestige Design Studio by our expert pattern makers and every product benefits from their 40+ years experience in developing car hoods and interior trim for various British car companies and the wider British Motor Industry. By integrating the Prestige Design Studio into our hi-tech manufacturing facility, we can ensure our customers receive premium quality car hoods and interior trim direct from our UK manufacturing headquarters. Postage to Mainland Britain - £9.95Northern Ireland, Isle of Wight & Isles of Scilly - £23.63Please message us for postage costs to other destinations       Prestige Autotrim Products Ltd, Oak Tree Place, Expressway Business Park, Birkenhead, Wirral, CH42 1NS, England © Prestige Autotrim Products Ltd 2018 - All Rights Reserved

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