Dynamic Trading/A Classic/ R Miner 4 Phones & Tablets or PCs *ONLY*

Dynamic Trading/A Classic/ R Miner     4 Phones & Tablets or PCs *ONLY*

This is an old book written by a fantastic trader, Robert Miner,  but even the pdf file shows signs of age but very readable.  Great book for all levels but intermediate and advanced traders who know their candlesticks will benefit a bit more/a classic in all generations

Dynamic Trading was voted the ''1999 Trading Book of the Year'' by the 1999 Supertraders Almanac. Dynamic Trading is a comprehensive instructional course of the unique technical analysis approach of the stock, index, mutual fund and futures markets developed by Robert Miner. Anyone from day-trader to position-trader may apply the unique time, price and pattern concepts taught in Dynamic Trading.In Dynamic Trading you will - Learn how to project the precise time and price targets for trend change whether you are charting a one-minute or one-month data file. Learn specific low-risk, high-probability trading strategies. Learn a unique and comprehensive approach how to trade stock indexes, futures, stocks or mutual funds like a professional. Learn practical, simple and low-risk trading strategies.Whether you are a very short-term day-trader or long-term position trader, Dynamic Trading will put you on the leading edge of a unique technical analysis system and practical trading strategies that will allow you to make confident trading decisions day-by-day.
We could tell from the very beginning of Robert Miner's book, Dynamic Trading, the throughness of the analysis which awaits within. The book is divided into three sections including: 1. The three dimnsions of market activity (pattern, price and time), 2. Trading strategies based on probabilities and risk control, not predictions of the future and 3. How to put it all together in a trading plan.The discussions of pattern, price and time are thorough and presented with such logic and clear explanation that anyone will be able to understand the reasoning behind the approach. Throughout the book are examples of how all of the information is applied in practical manner.Dynamic Trading is a complete trading education..."

..and well worth reading!!


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Check my listings! I have tons of other books on trading including The Candlestick Course, Beyond Candlesticks and Japanese Candlestick Charting Techniques..Trading in the Zone, , books on forex, swing trading, day trading, options, candlesticks, technical analysis, psychology of trading and lots of trading classics...just about any type of book on trading just about anything your heart desires to trade!

I have these listed to help folks learn to trade as I have found it is difficult to learn. Beginners will find all they need as well as advanced traders if you skim through my listings.  The stock market or any trading market is a jungle if we do not know the way.  Candlesticks help light the way so we are not in the dark, and knowledge is so important because there are folks out there who know way more than most of us do, but the market is a big huge pot of money at the end of the rainbow!  We just have to know what we are doing, not let ourselves get intimidated, be confident through learning and the knowledge we gain through any source we can get our hands on, accepting of our losses because we all know they will come, be alert and thinking clearly when we sign on whether it be after a brisk walk, a strong cup of coffee or a good night's sleep...and of course a little luck never hurts!

These are not the latest editions and if you are looking for the most recent I encourage you to research the latest edition and search it accordingly

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